Cunning software engineering skills, it results in an easy-to-use & highly performing monitoring system

The innovation lies in taking information off the 2D screen and out of workers’ hands, and putting it in front of their eyes right where, when, and how they need it. Multiple modes of interaction, including classic buttons, swipe pad, voice commands and gestures, allow for seamless operation of smart glasses in all kinds of work environments and scenarios.

The supervisor is able to monitor various work sites via AR glasses & 360o cameras on-site. AR Glasses in combination with 360o camera results in a versatile solution as a benefit for every industry. Easy to use dashboard with detailed analytics, statistics and task-management

Multiple implementations

• Hands-free access to information (an organization’s systems of record, machine data, schematics and graphics, step-by-step instructions, checklists, videos, etc.)

• Real-time, see-what-I-see communication (for remote collaboration and support)

• Hands-free, point-of-view documentation (audio, visual, screen sharing, document sharing)

• Object and image recognition (for barcode scanning, text and number reading, part identification, step verification, etc.)

Remote Assistance

  • High quality live video
  • AR instructions
  • File & Screen sharing
  • Photo & Video recording
  • Task Management
  • Analytics & Statistics


  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Sales


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