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What is Augmented Virtual Reality?

Augmented Virtual Reality is a combination of the two concepts Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Augmented reality is based on viewing the real world and adding digital content in a layer on top of the real world. Virtual reality is different in the way that it completely excludes the real world and substitutes a virtual world in which all content is digitally created. By combining these two concepts we get Augmented Virtual Reality. Where we can introduce both real elements and virtual world elements with interactions between the virtual world and the real world.

Augmented Virtual Reality Japan aims to promote the use of augmented reality in Japan by partnering with international leading VR and AR system developers. AVR Japan will grow the Japanese VR, AR and AVR market by providing cutting edge hardware and software packages to customers within training and simulation, edutainment, education, promotion, sports and medical fields. AVR Japan will, in cooperation with it’s partners continue to meet the future demand within the VR, AR and AVR field by expanding regionally and building resources throughout Japan.


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